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Manufacturer of catering equipment


SERO electric originated from Taiwan and entered the mainland market in 2005. Since its establishment. It has always adhered to the road of independent research and development in the field of commercial electrical appliances, committed to providing high quality catering equipment for the overall catering system. Through years of efforts, Cernuo established a strong technical research and development team, research and development of products from a single blender, soymilk machine gradually expanded to juicer, tea extractor, water boiler, water purifier, induction cooker, pearl cooker and other products.


Master the core process


Sero always adhere to innovation and independent research and development, through years of efforts, Senor has achieved core advantages in a number of technologies, blenders series products in the high-end market has been the new and old customers praise. At present, the RESEARCH and development team of SERO is constantly developing more products that meet the needs of users with the spirit of core technology and pragmatic innovation.


Rapid market expansion


Since its establishment, SERO has maintained the development trend of telling. In the domestic market, has set up more than 20 branches and offices in the country, at the same time to establish a perfect sales and after-sales service system. In the foreign market, Senor also maintains a high speed of development, with its own brand to explore the international market, products have been widely sold to the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan and other more than 20 countries and regions.


To the international leading brand forward


With consistent adherence to product quality and accumulation of technical experience over the years, SERO brand has become a leader in the domestic commercial electrical appliances market, and has achieved gratifying results in the international market. SERO is striding forward to the world's leading brand of commercial appliances with vigorous pace, and will create greater value and market benefits for customers.

SERO, serving the world

SERO, Serve the world

From Guangdong headquarters in 2007, to Shanghai, Beijing branch in 2008, until 2012, SERO completed the national layout, established 21 branches and offices throughout the country, formed more than 2000 distribution service system, products and services have covered the national market.
From the US market in 2008, to Thailand, the Philippines market in 2009. Up to now, SERO products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, the products are all over the world's major countries and regions.
In order to better provide standardized services, SERO officially launched the national free customer service hotline 400-788-9959 in 2013.
In order to better serve customers and create more value for customers, SERO technology R&D team to increase product development efforts, since 2012, SERO products from a single blender, soybean milk machine expanded to juicer, tea extractor, water boiler, water purifier, induction cooker, pearl cooker and other products.

Business Philosophy

Customer first, full participation

Pragmatic innovation, sustainable development

"Customer first, full participation, pragmatic innovation, sustainable development" is always adhering to the business philosophy of SERO. SERO depends on its customers. Therefore, SERO should understand their current and future needs and meet them. At the same time to meet customer needs, SERO people are more innovative, strive to exceed customer expectations.
"Always ensure product quality, sincerely create value for customers" is the consistent pursuit of SERO people. SERO staff fully participate in every process of quality control, with practical system and action to ensure the quality of products, to provide customers with the best quality products. In order to further provide the quality control ability of the enterprise, to achieve the quality commitment to customers, SERO in internal quality control colleagues, take the initiative to seek the guidance and supervision of external professional supervision and management institutions. In 2008, the company was the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and its products have successively obtained 3C, CNS, CE, ETL, ROHS, FDA and a series of certification.
Over the years, SERO people have been focused on the quality of the adhere to the pursuit of innovation, because they know that only in this way to sustainable development, to achieve sustainable business, to create more value for customers.

Business Philosophy

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